Yogabar Super Muesli 700g

700 gm
Manufacturer: Yoga Bar
HSN: 19041090
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₹ 499.00
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Appropriate Age RangeAdult
SpecialtyNo Added Sugar
Units700.0 gram
Number of Items1
Package InformationBox
Weight700 Grams
Package Weight0.72 Kilograms
This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • NO ADDED (OR HIDDEN) SUGAR: None. Zilch. Nada. Only the goodness of whole-grains, almonds and super seeds
  • YES NO ADDED (OR HIDDEN) SUGAR: We mean it - no honey, apple juice concentrate or malt extract. Lowest total natural sugar among leading no-added-sugar Muesli brands.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Packed with Probiotics & Prebiotics for better gut health, immunity, nutrients absorption, weight loss management (and no sugar) & Diet planning.
  • Made with 82% Almonds + Whole Grains + Chia Seeds + Flax Seeds. No artifical Color or Preservatives. Contains 7g Protein, 500mg Omega3, 500 million CFU Probiotics per serving.
  • Premium Ingredients. No fillers (82%) For a healthy breakfast or a healthy snack. All natural. No preservatives. All good. No bad.
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