Milawat Free Walnut Kernel | 250 gm

250 gms
Manufacturer: Milawat Free
HSN: 0802
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  • Milawat Free Walnut Kernel :
  •  MF Walnut brings to you a range of premium dry fruits.
  •  Item form: Dried. Walnuts.
  • Ingredients: Walnuts.
  •  These walnuts without shell have an earthy, fruity and mildly tart flavor with tender texture.
  •  PREMIUM AKHROT QUALITY: Assured walnut best quality.
  •  DELIGHTFUL FLAVOUR: Premium packaging keeps dry fruit crunchy and delicious.
  •  100% SPECIAL WALNUT: Handpicked, fresh, good sized, crunchy.


  •  Ingredients:
  • Vegetarian.


  • Description:
  •  GUILT-FREE INDULGENCE: Walnuts has no gluten, no GMO, zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol.
  •  RICH IN DIETARY FIBRE: Walnuts are natural source of fiber, supports weight control.
  •  Hearts Best Friend, Improves Cardiovascular System And Lowers Bad Cholesterol.
  •  Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards.


  •  Storage Instructions:
  •  Store in a cool dry place.


  •  Package Size:
  • 250 gm.