Roshnee Upvas Papad | 80 gm | Pack Of 4

80 gm
Manufacturer: Roshnee Foods
HSN: 19059040
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Roshnee Upvas Papad  | 80 gm | Pack Of  4


Roshnee Papads presents Batata - Sabudana ( Potato - Sago ) ; Varai - Sabudana ( Barnyard Millet - Sago ) and Rajgira (Amaranth) Papads specially crafted for your fasting needs.

Upwas (or Fasting) is a part of Indian Dietary practices, performed as a renunciation from the normal diet. It is considered vital to assist the digestive system and helps in general well being. Certain foods or food groups are recommended to be consumed on the days of the fast.

Roshnee Papads have developed 3 types of Papads, complimentary for the days of Upwas or Fasting - Potato Sago, Barnyard Millet Sago and Amaranth.