Tito's Organic Udith Dal 500 gm

500 gm
Manufacturer: Tito’s Organic
HSN: 07133100-copy
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  • Tito's Organic Udith Dal  500 gm
  • Tito's Organic Urad Dal Whole White- Light on digestion and rich in vitamins and Protein.
  • Urad Dal Whole White retains the original texture of dal and is free from pesticides and additives.
  • It is the richest source of Vitamin B and proteins.
  • Tito's Organic Urad Dal Whole White is full of iron, calcium, and protein.
  • Along with these nutrients, a bowl of Organic Urad Dal Whole White also contains dietary fibers, sodium, and all the other nutrients that are required for your body


  • Ingredients:
  • Vegetarian


  • Product Features & Benefits:
  •  Aids Digestion.
  •  Protects Your Heart.
  •  A Great Source of Energy.
  •  Enhances Bone Health.
  •  Helps to Control Diabetes.
  •  Eases Pain and Inflammation.
  •  Great for Your Skin.


  • Storage Instructions:
  • Store in a cool dry place.