Tito's Organic Jowar Flour | 1 kg

Manufacturer: Tito’s Organic
HSN: 10082019
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  • Tito's  Organic Jowar Flour | 1 kg
  • Tito's Organic Jowar / sorghum flour is incredibly nutritious, easy to digest and ideal for those allergic to gluten or with Celiac Disease.
  • Tito’s Organic sorghum flour made from the finest quality jowar sourced from certified organic farms across India.
  • Jowar / Sorghum is part of the millet family and has all the beneficial properties of millets.
  • It is packed with proteins and essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron and has a high content of dietary fibre which makes it a food that aids in digestion and is easily digestible itself.
  • Tito’s Organic Jowar Flour is a gluten-free alternative for making parathas, cakes, cookies, breads, and more.
  • It is traditionally cooked to make a Bhakri (a round flat unleavened bread ) or as porridge for breakfast or along with other dishes.
  • It is rich in vitamin and minerals and has many health benefits.
  • Grown widely in the southwestern region of Maharashtra in talukas like Sangola, Karmala in Solapur district


  • Health Benefits:
  •  100 % Organic
  •  Grown without synthetic Pesticides
  •  Grown without synthetic GMOs
  •  A unique combination of cereals, millets and legumes
  •  Perfectly blended whole grains
  •  Rich source of protein
  •  A source of all essential amino acids
  •  A good source of dietary fiber


  • Expiry (Shelf Life) :
  • 3 Months from the Date of Manufacture.
  • Once Opened Use within 3 months.
  • Suitable For (Age Group) All