Raw Pressery Protein Milkshake Choco Mint 18 Gm | 200 ml | Pack Of 6

Manufacturer: Raw Pressery
HSN: 22029930
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Raw Pressery Protein Milkshake Choco Mint  18 Gm | 200 ml | Pack Of 6 


This is a Vegetarian product.


  • Wouldn’t you love a chocolate milkshake that’s also 3x better than regular milk? Say hello to 18g chocolate protein milkshake
  • High Protein: Our milkshake contains 18 grams protein in a single serve as compared to 6 grams protein in a glass of milk to fulfil your daily protein requirements
  • MILK PROTEIN ISOLATES: They are a type of Protein which contain very little fat and carbohydrates and are loaded with a very high amino-acid composition
  • Lactose Free: We add lactase enzyme to the milk which breaks down the lactose and makes it safe to consume for lactose intolerant people
  • 90% BIO-AVAILABILITY: Our milkshake has 90% Bio-availability, which is the percentage of protein which is easy to absorb and digest