Divine Foods Pure & Natural Unrefined Palm Jaggery | 500 gm

500 gm
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Divine Foods Pure & Natural Unrefined Palm Jaggery | 500 gm





The Divine Foods



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500 Grams

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Certified Organic

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About This Item


  • WHY AUTHENTIC ORGANIC PALMYRA PALM JAGGERY FROM TUTICORIN ?: 'The Divine Foods' organic palm estimated 8.59 crores of Palmyrah in India, about 5.10 crores of Palmyrah are in Tamil Nadu and most of this located in Tuticorin. It is harvested on multi-generation family farms. The Organic Palm Jaggery is harvested from palmyra palm trees in partnership with local organic and non GMO farmers in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • NATURAL SUGAR ALTERNATIVE : This unrefined "The Divine Foods" Organic Palmyra Palm Jaggery can be best used instead of refined cane sugar in tea, coffee, desserts and baking.
  • PURE AND UNREFINED: CONTAINS NO - Artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, egg. Great as a replacement for refined or artificial sugar or white sugar. This is directly from Palmyra palm tree. Traditional "The Divine Foods" Palm Jaggery is natural, unrefined and non-distilled; so no chemicals are used in making it.
  • LOWER GLYCEMIC INDEX: 'The Divine Foods' Organic Palmyra Palm Jaggery has LOWER GI than refined cane sugar which has a GI of 80; Honey 55 and Palmyra Palm Jaggery 35. The Palm Jaggery has one of the lowest Glycemic Index.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC PALMYRA PALM JAGGERY IN A ECO-FRIENDLY PACK: 'The Divine Foods' is a one of the top D2C 100 Organic Food brands in India. We check each batch of Palm Jaggery and pack it in a eco-friendly PALM LEAVES packaging (500gm).
  • BENEFITS: 'The Divine Foods' Palm Jaggery is a rich source of Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. It being rich in iron helps to treat anemia. Also, it is a abundant source of magnesium that can heal migraine. Palm Jaggery is ideal for blood pressure patients as it contains potassium and sodium.