Dinine Foods Premium South Indian Filter Kaapi | 200 gm

200 gm
Manufacturer: Divine foods
HSN: 21011110
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Dinine Foods Premium South Indian Filter Kaapi  | 200 gm


  1. WHY DIVINE FOODS KAPPI?- The Divine Foods Premium Filter Coffee is carefully picked in the plantations of South India with 100% Peaberry Coffee beans 0 % Chicory.
  2. HOW IS IT MADE? : Coffee berries are dried, cleaned, hulled and hand sorted and taken for roasting. We hand-roasted and grind our coffee in small batches to produce and retain the coffee bean’s sweet spot, acidity and flavours. whole coffee beans is a little less convenient because the beans have to be grounded every time you want to enjoy your coffee

       3. TASTE AND AROMA? : This blend of Arabica coffee beans has been perfected for generation enhance flavour            create a smooth traditional taste profile.

  1. PACKAGING AND PURITY? : 'The Divine Foods' Premium filter coffee is 50% Peaberry and 50% Plantation A and 0% chicory is free from added additives, artificial colours, flavours, adulterants and preservatives. It is 100% pure, organic Completely natural, our products have zero preservatives and zero chemicals.
  2. HOW TO MAKE ?: Add coffee powder to the filter Fill it to the brim with water that is below boiling temperature, and cover the lid, After 10-15 minutes for your decoction to drip down to the bottom jar. Pour fresh decoction add milk and enjoy.