Burly Field Pancake Ready Mix | Pack Of 2

Manufacturer: Burley Field
HSN: 19012000
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Burly Field Pancake Ready Mix | Pack Of 2 



Kickstart your day with a healthy pancake! Burlyfield's 100% natural Ragi-Anjeer-Oats Pancake is the perfect start for an energetic day. The pancakes will keep you full for a long time as the mix consists of wheat powder, ragi, anjeer, small amounts of maida, fox nut, and cinnamon.


Cooking Instructions

Add 2 cups of water to the entire mix and stir till there are no lumps. Keep the batter aside for 10 mins. See to it that the consistency is slightly thick than dosa. Pour a small amount of batter on a preheated pan and cook till they appear spongy.

Special Tip- Burlyfield's Pancakes taste best with maple syrup and honey.


Benefits :

With 90% nutrients locked in, Burlyfield's Pancake Ready Mix is a rich calcium source and is low in calories. It also helps in muscle building as they are high in fiber and proteins. Buy Burlyfield's 100% natural Pancake Ready Mix to combine nutritional benefits with a fabulous taste.