Mother recipe Urad Papad - 200 gm

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Mother recipe Urad Papad 


Mother’s Recipe Udad papad, 200gms (Lentil crisp seasoned with black pepper, spices & salt, authentic traditional recipe)

This delicious papad is made from 100% Udad dal. An all time classic papad, made with the finest sourced ingredients for the most authentic & delicious taste.

Enjoy with – This papad is ideal to be consumed as anytime snack with dips or as an accompaniment with your meals.

How to Make 

To Roast : Roast for a few seconds on an open flame, flip it back and forth till its cooked

To Fry : Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, fry each papad for 2-3 seconds, remove & drain extra oil.

To Microwave : brush papads with vegetable oil on both sides, cook for approx. 45 scons until ready

Unique Features: machine made hygienically packed

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