Barva Organic Jaggery Cube - Ginger | Pack Of 2

Pack Of 2
Manufacturer: Barva Organic
HSN: 3304
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Barva Organic Jaggery Cube - Ginger | Pack Of 2


Organic Jaggery infused with potent herbal extracts – Ginger

BARVA is a family-owned & managed company and we believe in sustainable farming, organic living. Our close collaboration with farmers helps us bring genuinely organic products direct to our customers.

Jaggery, being rich in iron, trace minerals and salts, has been used in Ayurvedic preparations for centuries. This golden-yellow organic jaggery is scrumptiously sweet, with a distinct flavour that makes any food or drink to which it is added more delicious.


  • Ginger, being a powerful antacid, helps in improving digestion, reducing gas and acidity issues. It also soothes your respiratory tract and helps in relieving congestion. The Ginger used in this product is in the form of lipid soluble extracts.


Ginger Jaggery Ingredients: Concentrated Sugarcane Juice, Ginger extract.

Use 1 jaggery cube with 1 cup (150 ml) of hot tea/coffee.

Consume the jaggery cube as it is.