Hous Of Life PCOD Women's Herbal Tea | 100 Gm

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Hous of Life PCOD Women's Herbal Tea | 100 Gm



PCOD Tea: Nobody looks forward to PCOD, but, when you have it, you want to live PCOD-free life forever. And thank to nature, which can help you balance your hormones by just focussing on the right intake, and this tea blend is just for that. Challenge yourself for a 31-day non-stop-PCOS PCOD Tea with this blend and you will see why Ayurveda suggests these herbs.


If pregnancy is on your plans then this is the most natural way to pursue your dream. Hormonal balance is all that you need. And this PCOS PCOD Tea rich in herbs will help you do that.


This blend is inspired by Ayurveda and comes with zero side effects. With every ingredient of this blend coming from the best of the farms, you will experience recovery in the most natural way.


Ideally, have it an hour after breakfast or lunch. It also helps you feel lighter as well. And re-use the tea once again after 3-4 hours to make the most of it.


Please read a complete guideline on how to cure PCOS PCOD problem permanently, so that you can get the maximum benefit while using this tea.


Ideal duration to have PCOD Herbal Tea: 6 to 9 months. If you want to try, you can buy 100gms which can be used for 4 to 6 weeks. And then usually people go for a 6 to 9 months of subscription plan where you avail a subscription benefit and we deliver PCOS Herbal Tea freshly packed aligning to your consumption timeline. Want to try it? Check the 100gms pack.




Health Benefits of  PCOD Tea:


Helps you recover from  PCOD problems faster, with the right diet, yoga, and exercise.




Steeping Instructions:


Water: 180 ml


Tea Leaves: 2 tbsp / 2 gms


Temperature: 80-85 ° C


Time: 3 min