Aai Shapat - Gajar Halwa Mix | Pack Of 2

Manufacturer: Birajdar Foods
HSN: 2106
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Aai Shapat - Gajar Halwa Mix  | Pack Of  2 



Gajar Halwa  Premix is one of the most delicious halwas. But it does take a lot of time to make but if you have a Aai Shapat Premix then it can be made quickly and without any hassle!


Package Pack Contains:

Gajar Halwa Mix

1) Add half liter (500 ml) of milk into the cooking kadai and cook until rolling boil. 2) Now add Aai Shapat Gajar Halwa Mix into the milk. Cook for 20 mins or until milk is reduced and become thick. Stir well consistently. 3) Mix 3 or 4 tablespoons (as you like) Desi Ghee and mix it well. Serve hot or cold and Enjoy.