Milawat Free Esar Amti | 100 gm | Pack Of 2

100 gms
Manufacturer: Milawat Free
HSN: 09109100
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  • Milawat Free Esar Amti | 100 gm | Pack Of 2 :
  •  MF Eser Amti is a mix of aromatic spices roasted & powdered together which gives cooked dal (Amti) the authentic Maharashtrian flavor.
  •  Typically Amti is made by spicing up cooked dal, usually Toor dal (split pigeon peas). Amti is a much loved staple food all across Maharashtra and hence deserves a dedicated spice blend of its own!
  •  A piping hot bowl of spicy Amti served with rice topped with a generous dollop of ghee is comfort food for majority of Maharashtrians.
  •  Natural Home Made Taste.
  •  No Added Preservatives.
  •  No Added Colors
  •  Saves Time, Easy to Cook, Needs to Add only Water.


  •  Ingredients:
  •  Vegetarian.


  • Storage Instructions:
  •  Store in a cool dry place.


  • Package Size:
  •  100 gm.