Double Horse Easy Idiyappam Powder | 500 gm | Pack Of 4

Manufacturer: Double Horse
HSN: 11029090
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Double Horse Easy Idiyappam Powder | 500 gm | Pack Of 4 




Description :


  • No hot water needed to mix can use room temperature water.
  • Can be prepared easily in 6 minutes without burning hands.
  • Processed from quality rice variety.
  • Can be used to make other dishes like Kozhukkatta, Ela ada etc.



Double Horse  Idiyappam Powder is prepared from good quality white raw rice. This product is suitable for preparing  Idiyappam (Noolappam) with normal water instead of boiling water as usual.



Method of Preparation:

  1. Take one cup of Double Horse Easy Idiyappam powder, add the required amount of normal water (approximately 1 to 11/2 cup) and the required salt to taste.
    2. Mix thoroughly to make a smooth dough.
    3. Press through a sevanazhi and cook for about 5-6minutes. Double Horse tasty idiyappam is ready to serve.