House Of Life Digestion Herbs Minty Tea | 100 gm

100 gms
Manufacturer: Hous Of Life
HSN: 09021020
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House Of Life Digestion Herbs Minty Tea | 100 gm







Enriched with organic chamomile, peppermint, cinnamon, and Darjeeling green tea, this Healthy Digestion tea gives you a considerable amount of relief after a heavy meal! The minty taste of peppermint is complemented with the strong taste of green tea.



Health Benefits:

This tea helps you to reduce liver damage, break down fats and proteins more efficiently and is a good detox drink. It helps in cholesterol and lipid absorption after a heavy meal, while easing bloating and flatulence. It is considered a boon in easing stomach upsets.



Steeping Instructions:

Water: 180 ml

Tea Leaves: 2 tbsp / 2.5 gms

Temperature: 80-85 ° C

Time: 3 min



Tea Type

Green Tea





Time to consume

Breakfast, Lunch, Evening


Premium Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Cinnamon