Zevic Chocolate Classic Dark | 40 Gm | Pack Of 2

40 gm
Manufacturer: Zevic
HSN: 18069010
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Zevic  Chocolate Classic Dark | 40 Gm | Pack Of 2 





About  This Product:


Zevic Belgian Sugar Free Dark Keto Chocolate Fruit is indulged in an absolute guilt free divinity of 70% rich cocoa made with handpicked cocoa beans mildly enriched with naturally zero Calorie sweetness of the stevia plant to give the most luscious chocolate experience that will leave the taste buds craving for more of it.

- No added sugar is present, thus ideal for health conscious & diabetic people.
- This is a vegetarian product.
- It contains high amount of antioxidants.

About The Brand: Zevic is a core health-oriented brand that seeks to introduce naturally derivable healthy products to the Indian markets to help inculcate a habit of healthy consumerism where the customers have the power to take control of their health and lifestyle without compromising on the best things in life. It was launched in India, in 2015. A registered brand of Zero Enthalpy Labs Pvt. Ltd.




Usage Details:


- Remove the wrapper and enjoy the chocolate without any extra calorie gain.