Burley Field Bhagar Flour | Pack Of 4

200 gm
Manufacturer: Burley Field
HSN: 11061000
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Burley Field Bhagar Flour | Pack Of 4 




Looking for a reliable long-term fasting solution? Then Burlyfield's Bhagar Flour is the perfect answer for you. Made with the goodness of Bhagar, Burlyfield's Bhagar flour is a good source of iron, proteins, and calcium. This whole grain is also suitable for managing blood sugar, is easy to digest, and low in calories, making it the perfect choice for diabetic and heart patients.

Burlyfield's Bhagar flour is ideal not just for fasting but can also be used in daily life for making upma, kheer, halwa, paratha, puri, and ladoos.


Benefits :

Also known as Sama or Barnyard Millet, Burlyfield's Bhagar flour has 90% nutrients locked in it when it reaches you. Moreover, this 100% natural flour also helps in weight loss and is rich in bioactive compounds and antioxidants. It is also easy to cook and ideal for all age groups.  Order Burlyfield’s Bhagar Flour for a healthy heart and please your palate whether it’s a fasting day or not.